Heiltsuk Tribal Council has long identified the need for a dedicated space to celebrate Heiltsuk language and culture. The Language & Culture building will be both a language nest for the youngest Heiltsuk members and a welcoming space for adults to learn and build their language skills. A recording studio has been included so that elders can record their stories and share cultural learning. The archive room will conserve those records for future generations. A kitchen will be available for the community to share, preparing food and healing medecine.

In support of the Heiltsuk Language Centre’s essential role in sharing the traditional language, the building will also look for opportunities to reveal the Heiltsuk culture in a broader sense with the building form inspired by the traditional Big House and the use of wood in a way that celebrates Heiltsuk culture and heritage with a contemporary approach connecting past, present and future generations. The building form, fit and finish showcase multitude aspects of the Heiltsuk Nation’s culture through warmth, light, transparency and art to create a learning environment for Haitzaqv!a language to thrive.

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