Haíɫzaqvḷa Revitalization

Háiɫzaqvḷa Adult Immersion

The Haíɫzaqv INLG language immersion program is a 2-year program that is vetted through Simon Fraser University (S.F.U.) The first year is comprised of 9 courses and those who graduate receive a First Nation’s Language teaching certificate from SFU. The second year is comprised of 10 courses and those who graduate will receive a First Nation’s Language Diploma from SFU. Each course in year one and year two, is worth 3 units / credits through SFU. To graduate from either year one or two a student must maintain a C + graduate average for all their courses.

Háiɫzaqvḷa Adult Immersion

After the completion of the Diploma program, students have several options if they choose to continue with their schooling. One option is they can attend a graduate certificate program offered at SFU Burnaby. Once completed, this can then latter into a Masters in First Nations language. Another option is they can go onto complete a joint B.A. for extended minor in First Nations language and a minor in First Nations studies also through SFU in Burnaby. If they choose to go elsewhere, to finish their studies, these courses are transferable to other universities.

For our initial program, here in Bella Bella, we have opted to follow the Salish INLG program whereas they have offered multiple first year Certificate programs. The students who graduate from the first-year return to work as T.A.s to help mentor the new students the following year.  They then combine both cohorts to complete the Second year Diploma program. For our first-year cohort Certificate program, we had 10 graduates in June 2021. Six of these graduates returned to work as T.A.s in our language program this previous year. For our second, first year cohort Certificate program, we have had 12 graduates this June 2022. We have also been blessed these past two years to have four Haíɫzaqv n̓ín̓uáqḷa elders to attend each class and mentor all the young students.  Our next step is we will be combining both cohorts for our Year two Diploma program starting this September 2022. To date, we have 15 returning students confirmed. Currently we are working on the course preparation and gathering resources for this challenging upcoming Diploma program. Waí

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